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640                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            culture, this is a significant way to rename an existing street or, while
            remodeling the grid of SoMa, to create a new mews to acknowledge all
            the style and character that Drummer culture and leather culture have
            introduced to San Francisco. From Drummer to Foucault (who tested
            his “power” philosophy on hot fists late night South of Market), such a
            dedicated street name is as legitimate as renaming other San Francisco
            streets representing the contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr., Cesar
            Chavez, and Harvey Milk and his main competitor, Jose Sarria.
               My “Berserker” description in the last paragraph is one of the first
            public definitions of the homomasculine look of the yet-to-emerge bear

            II-A. The feature essay as published in Drummer 20, January 1978

            Always Remember November . . .

                      The CMC Carnival 1977
                      The World’s Best Annual Gay Party

            New York, New York, hardly knows what it misses every November when
            San Francisco hosts the CMC Carnival. The annual autumn bash for
            Viking-like Berserkers at the Seaman’s Hall began modestly a decade ago
            as a charity bazaar and has immodestly grown bizarre enough to be A
            Major Event of the West Coast Season. Multiple charter busses ferry LA-
            landers to the party, and San Franciscans prefer the November CMC at
            Seaman’s to October’s Halloween in the streets.

            IS IT RICH? IS IT RARE?

            Some guys think the CMC Carnival is overcrowded: two floors of booths,
            beer, and 10,000 bodies. CMC addicts, on the other hand, get off on the
            press of flesh, the long lines to the outdoor Port-a-Sans, the straight secu-
            rity cops staring into midspace as if they see stand-up orgies for thousands
            every Sunday afternoon.

            SOME ON THE GROUND

            The first floor of booths peddles food, drink, leather codpieces, T-shirts,
            amyl, and games of chance. Wandering among the predominately
            leather crowd are the year’s muy macho contenders for Mr. CMC whose

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