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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                641
               nomination may be determined by his looks, but whose winning is
             decided by the cash he raises for charity. They glad-hand with genuine
             friendliness, climb good naturedly up on stage to rousing cheers at their
             lengthy charms, pumped chests, and cleft chins. The crowd by 4 PM is
             shoulder to shoulder, peeling off layers of leather, unable to move more
             than five feet in ten minutes.

             SOME IN MID-AIR

             Some guys meet, marry, consummate, and divorce all in one glorious
             CMC Sunday afternoon. For men more adventurous, the lower-level
             disco orgy teaches the Funk and Wagnalls truth that carnival means “a
             celebration of meat.” Performing on your knees on top of a cement floor,
             piled three-feet-deep with beer cans, makes walking on water an easy
             trick. Dancers dance and a sucker is always a sucker. The only hitch in
             the crush is getting back up from your knees to your feet. If ever a man
             fantasized about his face surrounded by a dozen loaded groins, and a lot
             of chest-to-chest action, then there is no mall to maul him nearly so good
             as the CMC carnival.
             SEND IN THE CLOWNS

             So, New York! Book all of Manhattan onto your charter flight for next
             November. CMC Carnival is a date not to be missed. Mark it firmly on
             your Drummer Calendar of Autumn Events.
                Proper Berserkers are mighty of stature, hairy of face and body, gen-
             erously thewed and sinewed. Their interest is not war but battle. In time
             of peace, they sharpen their wits and mend their scanty battle harness.
             They are inclined to drink. Experienced Berserkers are able to transform
             themselves entirely into animals. Wise Berserkers provide themselves with
             wooden shields covered in leather, for it is their custom to chew upon
             the rims as they wait for battle. Metal shields do great damage to teeth
             and gums. Berserkers’ spit is thought to be more corrosive than most. If
             not paid attention to, Berserkers show interest in little, except becoming

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