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642                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            II-B. The feature essay as published in Drummer 26, January 1979

            Lost Our Lease.
            Everyone Must Go . . .

                        Seaman’s Semen’s End

                         CMC Carnival 1978

            Everything must change. Nothing, not even the California Motor Club
            (CMC) Carnival stays the same. So give us an OI! Give us a VAY! Gone
            are the CMC’s of yesterday!
               This season’s bash at San Francisco’s Seaman’s Hall was the last ever
            in that sanctified location. And the change of place will inevitably change
            everything. Remember how London Bridge changed when moved to the
            U.S. southwest? Un-believable! Remember how you changed when you
            moved your ass out of your cedar-lined closet in whatever Cedar Rapids
            or Cedar Falls? Even more un-believable.
            NO MORE MR. CMC?

            The CMC Carnival, like every good show, must go on. After all, some
            events become institutions that resonate with an importance beyond
            themselves. Think of the Super Bowl. Think of the Academy Awards.
            Some events start out ordinary and end up as annual tribal rituals. The
            CMC Carnival, with proceeds donated to charity, plays in this league.
            The show must go, but shouldn’t the show go on?
               So where? Seaman’s two floors of wall-to-wall wet, leathered bodies
            was the perfect ritual ground. The Cow Palace next? Too big–unless we
            either start to propagate or start to recruit. Somewhere there’s a place for
               Meanwhile, just keep clapping your hands and believing so Mr.
            CMC will continue to live.


            In one wild aberration even in wild San Francisco, several carnivals ago,
            one inventive booth offered a willing ass propped up and ready to go (for
            charity, remember!) at 50¢ per fist. Now, THAT’S entertainment!
               Some CMC veterans may blush to remember, but any group up front
            enough to sponsor a bash that turned from a simple beer bust into one

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