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644                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
                                                     “Dan Dufort,” 1977.
                                                     Photograph by Jack
                                                     Fritscher. ©Jack Frit-
                                                     scher. At the CMC Car-
                                                     nival 1977, Dan Dufort
                                                     introduced himself to
                                                     Fritscher, and then in
                                                     August 1978 intro-
                                                     duced Fritscher to his
                                                     friend,  bodybuilder
                                                     Jim Enger. As a model,
                                                     Dufort  appeared  sev-
                                                     eral times in Drummer,
                                                     including Drummer 22
                                                     (May 1978).

                                             Middle: “Jack Fritscher and Mark
                                             Hemry, West Berlin, 1989.” In the
                                             zero degrees of separation in the
                                             Drummer salon, Fritscher and Hemry,
                                             traveling on location in Holland and
                                             Germany with Roger Earl and Terry
                                             LeGrand, spent summer 1989, the
                                             last summer of West Berlin, shoot-
                                             ing—up against the Berlin Wall in
                                             leather bars like the Knast—six video
                                             features for the Earl-LeGrand Bound
                                             for Europe series which was the sequel
                                             to their Dungeons of Europe Trilogy.
                                             Left: “Jack Fritscher,  Bearded with
                                             Camera,”  filming  documentary  of
                                             the Folsom Street Fair, 1994. Pho-
                                             tograph by Mark Hemry. ©Mark

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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