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648                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            Happening Movement as the art structure that gave permission to the
            colorful hippie be-ins and love-ins in the political 1960s, and that inspired
            the radical sex rituals and spontaneous creativity of nonconformist — and
            newly uncloseted — gay leather culture in the baths, bars, and playrooms
            of the sexually liberated 1970s.
               I tripped out on reporting on Night Flight, and holding space in the
            next issue for it — in fact, holding the entire January 1978 issue open at
            the printers to add the still-hot December 31 party. I wanted Drummer
            to pop, to happen, to be “what’s happening.”
               As a photographer, I had staged performance-art happenings on
            Midwest college campuses and in museums during the turbulent 1960s
            and 70s, and as faculty advisor for Women’s Awareness Week at Western
            Michigan University.
               In San Francisco in the early 1970s, at the request of my dear friend,
            the poet Ron Johnson (author of To Do as Adam Did, who with his partner,
            photographer Mario Pirami, invented and managed the No Name bar),
            I created three or four happenings over two-years’ time at the No Name.
            With four or five projectors shining intersecting cones of light beamed
            over the heads of the crowd, my slides and Super-8 movies unspooled
            with the help of my lover, David Sparrow, as beefy men in uniform car-
            ried in naked bodybuilders in cages and set them on the bar, while the
            crowd — led by our wild Rainbow Motorcycle Club — joined in, smoking
            grass, drinking beer, tripping on acid, groping, sucking, picking guys up
            and passing them over everyone’s head to throw them into the long trough
            of urinal.
               In 1992, Ron Johnson (1935-1998) wrote a letter to galvanize the
            RMC who had prolonged the 1970s happenings in the legendary No
            Name bar at 1347 Folsom Street, between 8  and 9th:

               Dudes —
               This year marks the 20  anniversary of the club, and it’s high
               time to throw a bash. Our Christmas party was so fine we’ve
               got to really rise (or stoop) to the occasion — no?. . . .One of the
               things that made the Xmas party such a great success was Lurch
               as Santa on a beer-shell throne, greeting one and all, and we need
               again to come up with something so extraordinarily sleazy and
               daring they’ll all talk about it after. Not many now remember
               the first anniversary RMC party [1973] where Jack Fritscher
               was the Entertainment Committee. He brought in three stand-
               up cages with live, sexy slaves inside. Spotlights! Crowd focus!
               Promiscuous flagellation! Frenzy! Plus, with his live-action cast,

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