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662                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.

            DRUMMER 17, July 1977
            1 Feature Article with Photographs Produced by Fritscher
            •  “Famous Dungeons of San Francisco,” pp. 8-11, feature produced by Fritscher including
             photos by Gene Weber (picturing Fritscher) and text by Joe Cook

            DRUMMER 18, August 1977
            Masthead: Ghost-editor in chief Fritscher is not credited
            Last issue of Drummer (4-month hiatus) until December 1977
            1 Piece of Writing by Fritscher
            2 Feature Articles with Photographs Produced by Fritscher
            First issue of Drummer with byline by Jack Fritscher
            •  “Body Casting,” pp. 66-69, feature article with photographs by Gene Weber produced
             by Fritscher
            •  “The Leatherneck,” pp. 82-84, feature article written by and photo essay produced by
               [Editor’s Note: August 1977 – December 1977: Publisher John Embry, Edi-
               tor in Chief Fritscher, and Art Director Al Shapiro put Drummer on 4-month
               hiatus to reinvent the LA magazine into a San Francisco magazine]

            DRUMMER 19, December 1977
            Masthead: Jack Fritscher, editor in chief
            7 Pieces of Writing by Fritscher
            •  “Contents Page,” one liners
            •  “Leather Christmas,” pp. 8-10, cover feature article
            •  “Gifting,” pp. 20-21, holiday photo feature
            •  “Astrologic” (Capricorn), p. 26, satire
            •  “El Paso Wrecking Corp: The Gage Brothers,” pp. 62-64, film review
            •  “Steve Reeves’ Screen Test,” pp. 66-68, feature essay and captions
            •  “Star Trick Artist Dom Orejudos Is Etienne!,” pp. 71-74, art review
            •  “Mineshaft,” pp. 82-83, cover feature article

            DRUMMER 20, January 1978
            Masthead: Jack Fritscher, editor in chief
            Theme for Drummer 20 Created by Fritscher: Gay Sports
            10 Pieces of Writing by Fritscher
            1 Photograph (Interior Editorial) by Fritscher solo
            18 Photographs (Interior Editorial) by Fritscher and Sparrow dba “Photos by Spar-
            •  “Contents Page,” one liners
            •  “Crimes Against Nature,” p. 6, editorial review
            •  1 Photograph (Interior Editorial): “Jockstrap Chest with Sports Illustrated Magazine,”
             p. 10, by Fritscher solo
            •  “Gay  Jock  Sports: Wrestling, Boxing,  Rollerballing, Soaring, Scuba, Bodybuilding,
             Dune Bodies, Films,” cover lead feature article, pp. 8-17 and 70-71 and 83-84
            •  “Dune Body,” p. 16, poem
            •  “Gifting,” pp. 20-22, feature article
            •  “Pissing in the Wind: The Mineshaft,” pp. 22-24 and 83, feature article
            •  “Astrologic” (Aquarius), p. 30, satire
            •  1 Photograph (Interior Editorial): “David Wycoff, Soldier,” p. 39, by Fritscher and Spar-
             row dba “Sparrow Photography”
            •  “Salo: A Review of Pasolini, Toward an Understanding of Salo” pp. 66-67, feature review

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