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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                665

             1 Photograph (Front Cover Portrait) by Robert Mapplethorpe, designed, cast, and
             produced by Fritscher
             1 Photograph (Front Cover Portrait) “The Mapplethorpe Cover: Biker for Hire,”
             photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe; commissioned, designed, cast, and produced
             by Fritscher
             •  “Contents Page,” one liners
             •  “Let Us Now Praise Fucking with Authentic Men,” p. 8 and 72-73, editorial
             •  “Bondage: Blest Be the Tie That Binds,” pp. 16-23 and 76, feature essay
             •  13 Photographs (Interior Editorial): “Bondage,” pp. 16-23, photographs by Fritscher and
              Sparrow dba “Photos by David Sparrow”
             •  “Castro Street Blues: 1978 Style,” pp. 32-36, feature satire
             •  11 Photographs (Interior Editorial): “Castro Street Fair 1978,” pp. 34-36, photographs
              by Fritscher and Sparrow dba “Photos by David Sparrow”
             •  “In Hot Blood: Ex-Cons-We Abuse Fags, Part 1,” pp. 37-44, feature interview, created
              by David Hurles and Fritscher
             •  “Jocks: Holtz and Ed Wiley,” pp. 46-52, centerfold, text by Fritscher; see Holtz shot by
              Fritscher solo on cover of Rainbow County and Other Stories
             •  3 Photographs (Interior Editorial): “Richard Locke,” p. 38, by Fritscher and Sparrow
              dba “Photos by David Sparrow”
             •  “Tough Shit,” p. 83, feature column created, collected, and produced by Fritscher
             •  “The Quarters: Slave Training,” pp. 10-15, 70-71, essay
             •  20 Photographs (Interior Editorial): “The Quarters,” pp 10-15, 70-71, photographs by
              Fritscher and Sparrow dba “From the Desk of the D.I. Photos by David Sparrow”
             •  1 Photograph (Interior Editorial): “David Sparrow in Bondage with Collar,” p. 76, by
              Fritscher solo
             •  1 Photograph (Interior Editorial): “Skip Navarette in Bondage,” p. 76, by Fritscher solo
             •  “Men’s Bar Scene: A Farewell to Larry’s,” p. 88, essay
             •  “Gay Writers/Writer’s Aid,” p. 86, notice of Fritscher tutorial for erotic authors
             SON OF DRUMMER, September 1978, A Drummer Special Issue, Published Same
             Month as Drummer 24
             Jack Fritscher, editor in chief
             Theme for Son of Drummer Created by Fritscher: New York Art  — Mapplethorpe
             and Rex
             8 Pieces of Writing by Fritscher
             8 Photographs (Interior Editorial) by Fritscher solo
             35 Photographs (Interior Editorial) by Fritscher and Sparrow dba “Sparrow Pho-
                [Editor’s Note: Fritscher wrote nearly the entirety of this special issue.]
             •  “Contents Page,” one liners
             •  “Arab Death,” pp. 8-11, feature; Fritscher bylined by pseudonym, “Denny Sargent,”
              the protagonist in his 1969 novel I Am Curious (Leather) aka Leather Blues serialized in
              this issue
             •  “The Robert Mapplethorpe Gallery (Censored),” pp. 14-17, feature
             •  “Target Studio Retrospective,” pp. 22-25, captions
             •  “Turkish Delight: Macho Wrestling with Leather, Oil, and Heavy Sweat,” pp. 28-30,
             •  35 Photographs (Interior Editorial): “Ass-Sets,” p. 31, by Fritscher and Sparrow dba
              “Sparrow Photography”
             •  4 Photographs (Interior Editorial): “Filmstrips: Candle Power,” p. 34, by Fritscher solo
             •  4 Photographs (Interior Editorial): “Filmstrips: Rude Rubbers,” p. 35, by Fritscher solo

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