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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 vii
             an archivist active in researching, recording, and preserving the heritage
             of gay history.”
                •  Joan Levin, Library Journal: “Fritscher’s brutally frank mem-
             oir of his ex-lover, confidante, and colleague, drawn from the author’s
             personal documents, seeks to strip away the notoriety surrounding the
             defiant  photographer  Robert  Mapplethorpe . . . . In  Mapplethorpe, [first
             excerpted in  Drummer, 1978] Fritscher graphically portrays the mas-
             culine subculture of the homosexual community . . . . Recommended for
             popular culture collections.”
                •  Q, Philadelphia Gay News: “Jack Fritscher is a master of gay
             prose pornography, a rarity in our . . . video-oriented culture . . . .  The man-
             ner in which he manipulates language, sensuality, feeling, nuance, style,
             atmosphere, and even one’s visual sense . . . is enough to guarantee this
             book [of  Drummer  stories,  Corporal in Charge] sensational status for
             many, many years.”
                •  Kit Christopher, creative director, Stroke magazine: “ . . . veteran
             writer Fritscher’s fine prose has induced many soiled bed sheets over the
             years, and his style has set a standard in the industry.”
                •  John Rowberry, editor of Drummer: “The subject matter [of
             Fritscher’s Drummer writing] is as varied as Fritscher’s imagination, which
             seems endless and totally without remorse. What may really surprise you
             is that amid the graphic descriptions . . . there are actually ideas here.”
                •  Torso Magazine: In his Drummer work, “Fritscher writes funny,
             descriptive and on-target essays . . . Fritscher is positively riveting”
                •  Owen Keehnen, Honcho Magazine: “Fritscher is an interesting
             man, a solid and intriguing blend of theory and knowledge.”
                •  Alexander Renault,  Pornographic Pulsar: “Fritscher is dedi-
             cated to the preservation and continuation of gay cultural studies and the
             expansion of its horizons.”
                •  Leif  Waters,  Bear  Magazine: “Fritscher is unlike any other
             chronicler of masculine perversion. His stories are . . . about growth, limits,
             expansion of the mind . . . ”
                •  Virginia Sink, The Tribune, Oklahoma City: “Fritscher is a pol-
             ished writer, editing his work to the bone . . . ”
                •  Nancy Sundstrom, ForeWord magazine, “Fritscher is epicentric
             to gay literature . . . he is first and foremost an extraordinary American
             writer. He deserves a broad-based audience because his powerful and
             original voice rings in one’s head long after the book has been completed.”

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