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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 63
             out to find a straight male to ball with.” Of course, by now that world
             is pretty much gone forever; it’s hard to imagine a het man anywhere in
             America today who wouldn’t be self-conscious about gestures and come-
             ons that might be thought queer. But at the same time, today’s young
             queers are even less patient with the limitations of the gay ghetto than
             Jack was back in the 1970s. So when uptight leatherfolk of a certain age
             feel affronted by the anything-goes attitudes of “post-gay” queer twenty-
             somethings, guess which ones are following in Jack’s bootsteps?


             Although Jack is only a few years my senior, he clearly got started with
             this sex stuff a lot sooner, and no doubt had fewer inhibitions to begin
             with. Reading Jack’s Drummer articles, essays, stories, and poems as they
             appeared, and seeing the photos accompanying them, opened my eyes
             (and many others!) not only to what was being done in the burgeoning
             gay leather scene, but also to how much more could be done if we had the
             courage and imagination. Reacquainting myself with the pieces collected
             in this book was a treat, because so much in them is still as fresh, smart,
             sexy, and insightful today as when they were first published. If they’re
             new to you, be prepared for a wild ride. But relax — you’re in good hands.

             david stein is the much-published author of  Carried Away: An S&M
             Romance, a novel enthusiastically reviewed by Laura Antoniou, Patrick
             Califia, and Joseph W. Bean in 2002. His writing has appeared in such
             magazines as Drummer, International Leatherman, and Bound and Gagged
             as well as in anthologies such as Mark Thompson’s Leatherfolk: Radical
             Sex, People, Politics, and Practice (1991), and Joseph W. Bean’s Horsemen:
             Leathersex Short Fiction (1997). In 1980, he was cofounder of Gay Male
             S&M Activists (GMSMA) and was founding editor of its historic news-
             letter in which he published Jack Fritscher’s essay, “Toward a Masculinist
             M/O: Why Bondage?” from Man2Man Quarterly #7 (1981). He is author
             of the ongoing online History of Our Leather-S/M Fetish Sub-Culture and
             Communities, and is a frequent columnist for the group, Masters and
             Slaves Together (MasT). As an acclaimed practitioner, he coined the
             S&M keyword mantra, “Safe, Sane, Consensual,” and has famously
             appeared in quintessential bondage photographs from Inferno. He lives
             in Manhattan.

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