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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 69
                A compelling and sexually unapologetic author, he once stated in The
             Burning Pen, “I confess. I breathe in experience. I exhale fiction. Feeling,
             emotion, is the oxygen of my fictive voice.” You know an erotica writer has
             struck an intense stride by authoring a play called Corporal In Charge of
             Taking Care of Captain O’Malley. That story is such a good one that iconic
             publisher Winston Leyland included Corporal in Charge as the only play
             in his historic 1990 anthology, Gay Roots.
                So powerful is Fritscher’s fiction, critic Nancy Sundstrom wrote in
             Independent Publisher in 1998:

                    Fritscher is undoubtedly a masterful writer of gay fiction,
                but he is first and foremost an extraordinary American writer.
                He deserves a broad-based audience because his powerful and
                original voice rings in one’s head long after the book has been
                Fritscher has written critically acclaimed novels including Leather
             Blues which first appeared as the pioneer gay novel, I Am Curious (Leather),
             written in 1969 and published in 1972; Some Dance to Remember, the
             epic novel which The Advocate called the “gay Gone with the Wind”; The
             Geography of Women: A Romantic Lesbian Comedy; and the novel which
             CNN noticed in its top 100 books, What They Did to the Kid: Confessions
             of an Altar Boy for which he won several literary awards including “Story
             Teller of the Year.”
                As in Hollywood, numbers often show how deep roots go in gay
             culture. In 30 years in adult entertainment, his books have sold more than
             110,000 copies; his 150 videos, shot in the US and Europe for several com-
             panies including his own production company www.PalmDriveVideo.
             com have sold 250,000 copies; and his writing in thirty gay magazines
             (some like Drummer with a press run of 42,000 copies every month)
             have literally reached millions of readers. A thousand of his photographs
             have appeared in gay pop-culture magazines like Honcho, Bear, Leather
             Man, Powerplay, and Thrust, as well as in three high-end art books from
             England such as Adam: The Male Figure in Art and Ars Erotica: An Arous-
             ing History of Erotic Art, as well as the coffee-table book, Jack Fritscher’s
             American Men published by Editions Aubrey Walters at Gay Men’s Press
             (GMP), London. His on-screen production credential comes from the
             Hollywood Film Institute. Two of his videos regarding the photographer,
             George Dureau, are in the permanent collection of the Maison Europeene
             de la Photographie, Paris.
                In the earlier San Francisco days of what Fritscher named the
             “Titanic 1970s,” Fritscher met Robert Mapplethorpe who later tragically

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