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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 73
             boys, who have never known a sex life without AIDS, fatalistically expose
             themselves to HIV as a test of ritual manhood.” That’s not what Fritscher
             means about homomasculinity.
                Also, gay erotica has grown in slow fits and starts over the
             past 34 years since Stonewall in 1969. In the early 1980s, a long fif-
             teen years after Stonewall, Gay Sunshine Press became the first real
             book publisher of gay literature. In the 1970s, gay publishing was not
             books, but was magazines — the kind where Fritscher drove the con-
             tent and style. Multiple gay book publishers, magazines, and jour-
             nals have since risen closer to the surface of the straight mainstream’s
             bookstores and consciousness. Telling people you write erotica these
             days is not met with the sneers and patronizing derision of years past.
                Gay porn, which took off in the 70s, also took off like a rocket in the
             1990s. In a time when gay people were streaming out of their closets and
             fears of HIV were keeping more people at home with their VCRs, baby
             oil, and remote control, both professional and amateur gay sex videos
             flourished. Fritscher waxes whimsical: “So many more people watch vid-
             eos than read books that I have joked with some guys who buy my books:
             ‘Don’t try to stick this in your VCR.’”
                Fritscher  who  shot  the  original video,  Gut  Punchers,  rarely  pulls
             punches. He told John F. Karr during an interview that AIDS has
             changed and challenged gay men’s sexuality, resulting in an increase in
             nontraditional sex practices and its uses for increased sexual creativity.
             He notes that gay porn videos are increasingly made by individual artists
             who are directors casting real guys who may not be porn stars but are
             certainly no amateurs when it comes to having sex the way actual gay
             men do. These indie video companies, he says, excel over the larger West
             Hollywood companies that grind out videos that do not reflect the viewer
             the way that independent video does with indie artists like Old Reliable
             who was early on another Fritscher discovery in the pages of Drummer.
             When asked, Fritscher answers:
                    Where’s video going? It’s going to be more fetish oriented,
                because sex is not only your dick and your butt. The point is
                to let them have a good time, and also diverge from just think-
                ing about sucking dick and fucking ass. And censorship? That
                influence of the Meese Commission still rolls along under the
                principle that if somebody abuses something, you have to take
                it away. But the abuse of a thing doesn’t take away the use of the
                thing. You can take that principle and put that on every adult

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