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76                                      Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            wrote many reviews and interviews for his online magazine, Pornographic
            Pulsar, featuring writers such as Patricia Nell Warren who co-opted the
            words, front runner; Jack Fritscher who coined the word, homomasculin-
            ity; and Mark Simpson, “the Skinhead Oscar Wilde” who coined the
            word, metrosexual. He conceptualized and edited the anthology, Walk-
            ing Higher: Gay Men Write about the Deaths of Their Mothers (2004),
            and wrote the books, Soul Kiss: The Confessions of a Homoerotic Vam-
            pire (2004), Queerer Than You Think: Post-Millennial Bodies, Sex, and
            Porn (2004), and Forbidden Tricks (2005). He was a columnist for Fusion
            magazine in Savannah, and for Marilyn Jaye Lewis’s Erotic Authors Asso-
            ciation, and for the Velvet Mafia and At the time of his
            death, according to his personal correspondence with Jack Fritscher, he
            was beginning a Master’s Degree in Creative Nonfiction Writing over-
            seen by Norman Mailer at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania where he
            intended to write his travelogue memoir, A Damn Yankee in Savannah.
            His “Vanguard: An Interview with Jack Fritscher” was published in Por-
            nographic Pulsar (April 2003) and in Stevie “Chazda” Burns’ Voracity Beat
            webzine in Germany. As planned by Nicholas Hornack, the introduction
            to that interview — albeit unable to be updated — is re-printed in Gay San
            Francisco as he originally wrote it.

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