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viii     Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

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            This memoir is a product of the author’s recollections and is thus rendered as a subjective account-
            ing of events that occurred in his life. This is a memoir book of humor, comedy, and satire meant to
            refract the author’s eyewitness experience of what might otherwise be objective history. While all of
            this written “oral history” may be true, none of it may be. It must be emphasized that the text and
            allegations are provisional. With the first pages written in 1977, this is the first history to begin the
            difficult documentation of Drummer magazine. The text, the lists, the quotations, the illustrations,
            the credits for the illustrations, and the annotated bibliography in this “work in progress” are as thor-
            oughly fact-checked as possible from internal evidence in Drummer itself, as well as, where possible,
            from journals, diaries, letters, photographs, interviews, recordings, magazines, and newspapers found
            in the personal collection of the Jack Fritscher and Mark Hemry Archive. Text may or may not be true
            and accurate, and does not reflect the sexual orientation of persons mentioned or depicted therein.
            The opinions, views, and allegations expressed are those of the author, or of the individual writers
            and speakers quoted, who themselves, in turn, do not represent the views or opinions of the author
            or the editor or the publisher; these opinions, views, and allegations may differ substantially from the
            opinion, views, and allegations of those who are referenced as personalities in this historical survey.
            The author, regretting any misrepresentation or misinformation or violation of copyright, apologizes;
            and he encourages documented corrections for future editions be sent to the publisher. Any person
            who is mentioned in these pages, or is an eyewitness to this history, or is a copyright owner, or is some-
            how concerned, is invited to correct or add or subtract from this book by contacting the publisher@

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            Fritscher, Jack 1939-
            Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Magazine Shaped Gay Popular Culture / Jack Fritscher
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            1. Biography/Autobiography, 2. Personal Memoirs, 3. Homosexuality, 4. Masculinity, 5. Gay and
            Lesbian Studies, 6. Gay Studies (Gay Men), 7. Popular Culture, 8. Editors, Journalists, Publishers,
            9. Sadomasochism, 10. American Literature—20th Century, 11. Feminism, 12. Homomasculinity.

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