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82       Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            cover the Slave Auction.   Embry found an enemy as shameless as himself in
            David Goodstein, the new and very conservative publisher of The Advocate,
            who was passive-aggressively sucking up to the LAPD by condemning in
            print the same “outrageous” gay leather behavior hated by Ed Davis. In his
            editorials, Goodstein dismissed Embry and the leather community. He did
            not buy Embry’s self-serving “spin” as witnessed in several articles, begin-
            ning immediately after the Slave Auction, with The Advocate, issue 190, May
            19, 1976. As an unintended side effect of Goodstein profiling leathermen as
            bad-boy outlaws, sales of Drummer took off, and Embry banged the drum
            of the Slave Auction bust as if he were setting the beat for a gay Pride parade.
               In Out for Good: The Struggle to Build a Gay Rights Movement in America,
            authors Dudley Clendinen and Adam Nagourney noted the conservative
            righteousness of David Goodstein trying to social engineer gay culture
            by denouncing a diversity of gay identities in  The Advocate, issue 243,
            June 14, 1978. In his editorial, David Goodstein addressed “Proposition
            6: The Briggs Initiative” which was on the upcoming California ballot
            for November 7, 1978, banning homosexuals from teaching in schools. It
            was spawned by singer Anita Bryant’s “Save the Children” campaign in
            Dade County, Florida, that had nationally ignited the Culture Wars in
            1977 by repealing an ordinance banning discrimination based on sexual
               Goodstein wrote:

               This is one of those times when the truth we have to report is very
               unpleasant. The bottom line is that it is most unlikely that the
               Briggs initiative can be defeated in the November election....We
               may lose even in San Francisco. We can expect a multi-million-
               dollar media campaign of lies and hate directed at us. Some gay
               people will likely commit suicide under this onslaught of hate.

               In their analysis, Clendinen and Nagourney commented:

               Goodstein proceeded to offer his by now familiar prescription to
               minimize the damage. The “gay extermists” and “hedonists”—the
               drag queens, the advocates of man-boy sex, the feminist-separatists,
               the leather enthusiasts [italics added], the sexual liberationists, the
               Marxists—must keep out of sight and leave it to the professionals
               [Goodstein] to salvage the campaign. Straight people are put off
               by homosexuals, Goodstein said, so “almost all gay people [Really,
               All?] could help best by maintaining very low profiles.” [Closets in

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