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86       Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            her first husband was gay—he wasn’t; and she later declared bankruptcy
            which the straight former husband allegedly blamed on gay people not play-
            ing “fair.”
               Years later in its longtime alliance with the Republican Party,  The
            Enquirer allegedly created a deal with the onward-marching Arnold
            Schwarzenegger not to publish trash journalism about him during 2003
            when he was campaigning for the governorship of California. Just four
            days before the election, eBay, the corporation headed by Republican Meg
            Whitman, “censored” my “performance-art auction” of my Schwarzenegger
            and Mapplethorpe photographs and memorabilia on the very same week-
            end that several women were suddenly coming forward at the last minute
            accusing Schwarzenegger of pushing his unwelcome sexual advances on
            them. The eBay “bust” of my “Schwarzenegger Shrine” auction, with its
            Mapplethorpe connection, made headlines around the globe, exposing yet
            one more way how anti-gay and anti-women corporations and publications
            protect politicians.
               After he was elected the following Tuesday, the hateful Schwarzenegger,
            who, as a young bodybuilder, had been photographed by Mapplethorpe,
            became the one and only person standing between gays and gay marriage
            in California. He alone twice refused to sign his name to the done deal of
            Assemblyman Mark Leno’s gay marriage bill passed by the California leg-
            islature. Schwarzenegger was a duplicitous Republican hypocrite defending
            the sanctity of straight marriage. At the very moments he vetoed gay mar-
            riage, he was an active adulterer. While famously married to the Kennedy
            family’s Maria Shriver, and father to four children with her, Schwarzenegger
            impregnated the family’s Hispanic maid who lived inside the action “hero’s”
            family with the illegitimate child the maid and he were rearing without
            Shriver’s knowledge of paternity.

                               The Advocate, October 7, 2003
                         eBay Shuts Down “Schwarzenegger Shrine”

               Artist  Jack Fritscher  wanted  to  “start  a dialogue” with fellow
               Californians about actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s views on gay
               rights, censorship, and government funding of art, so he gathered
               nine items from his pop culture collection and auctioned them on
                   The 64-year-old author of erotic fiction and San Francisco gay
               history launched his “Schwarzenegger Shrine” in late September
               with an opening bid of $24,000. The menagerie, dedicated to the

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