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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 3                         87

                front-runner in California’s October 7 gubernatorial recall election,
                included a postcard of Schwarzenegger’s torso that was photo-
                graphed and signed by the late Robert Mapplethorpe. The contro-
                versial photographer used the postcard to invite friends to a “Hot
                Dirty Man” party in New York in 1979.
                    More  than 61,000 people  visited Fritscher’s auction. But on
                Thursday afternoon, with two days left in the bidding, eBay shuttered
                the site and took away all references to it in its search engines. The
                San Jose, Calif.-based auction giant still hasn’t offered Fritscher any
                explanation. “It was taken down because it’s gay-themed, period,”
                Fritscher said Friday. “It’s censorship of what’s gay. There’s no nudity
                or politics here. There might be a political question asked, but it’s
                only because the piece for sale is curious and I was trying to distin-
                guish it from the other Schwarzenegger items for sale.”...
                    “I was the  bicoastal lover  of the  notoriously gay Robert
                Mapplethorpe, who  photographed  Arnold  Schwarzenegger,”
                Fritscher’s listing began. “In a national scandal in 1989 to 1990, Sen.
                Jesse Helms denounced Mapplethorpe on the floor of the U.S. Senate
                and took away government funding of art.... Considering Arnold’s
                posing for Mapplethorpe, one wonders what is the Schwarzenegger
                position on government taxes paying for uncensored art?”
                    ...Fritscher, a longtime pop culture enthusiast who has listed his
                novels on eBay, said the site has evolved into a social phenomenon
                beyond a simple catalog of goods for sale. It is a platform for people
                to market not only products but the values that accompany them,
                he said. “eBay is a public forum,” Fritscher said. “If Fox can take a
                political spin, why can’t a seller on eBay pitch political materials any
                way they want to?”

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