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                                     CHAPTER 4

                                FOUNDING DRUMMER

                               West Hollywood Bitch Fight
                              When Embry Met Townsend
                               and the Slaves of the LAPD

                •  How the H.E.L.P. Newsletter for Legal Protection
                    Morphed into H.E.L.P./Drummer, and Evolved into
                    Drummer Itself
                •  When Frenemies Collide: The Feud between the Heroic
                    Larry Townsend and the Hubristic John Embry
                •  The LA Postal Inspector; Jeanne Barney, the Woman Who
                    Was Not A Drag; and the Missing TV Footage of the Slave
                    Auction Raid
                •  Gay Cannibalism: Steve Schoch’s Eyewitness Testimony
                    about Embry and Townsend at H.E.L.P./Drummer
                •  The Con-Man Shell Game: the Black Pipe Bar, the Mark
                    IV Baths, and Making a Private “Slave Auction” Public

                                Los Angeles Times, April 14, 1955
                            UCLA Student Gets Medal for Rhine Heroism

                Irvin T. Bernhard, 24, UCLA sophomore [name changed to “Michael
                Lawrence ‘Larry’ Townsend,” July 19, 1972], was presented with
                a medal and scroll yesterday by Dr. Richard Hertz, German Consul
                General in Los Angeles, for saving a 9-year-old German boy from
                drowning in the Rhine River at Bonn last August.
                    Gov. Karl Arnold of the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen
                sent the scroll and medal to Dr. Hertz for presentation to Bernhard,
                who was a member of the U.S. Air Force when he performed the
                heroic feat.
                    The youngster had been riding along a Rhine River road on his
                scooter when he had an accident and fell into the deep river. As a
                swift current spun the boy around in the water, Bernhard, who was

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