Page 11 - Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999
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Jack Fritscher               Chapter                          ix


                                 Gay Pioneers:
                                How Drummer Magazine
                              Shaped Gay Popular Culture

             Gay Pioneers is dedicated to the following essential contributors to Drummer
             magazine: Jeanne Barney, Robert Mapplethorpe, A. Jay (Al Shapiro),
             David Sparrow, Larry Townsend, Robert Opel, Chuck Arnett, Phil Andros
             (Samuel Steward), Fred Halsted, Val Martin, Old Reliable (David Hurles),
             Jim Stewart, Rex, Tom Hinde, Lou Thomas, Mikal Bales, Wakefield Poole,
             Patrick Califia, Gene Weber, Bob Zygarlicki, Max Morales, Steven Saylor,
             John  Preston,  Richard  Hamilton, M.D.,  Anthony  F. DeBlase, Andrew
             Charles, Tim Barrus, JimEd Thompson, J. D. Slater, Mark Thompson, The
             Hun, Mason Powell, Robert Davolt, Ronald Johnson, Race Bannon, Mr.
             Marcus Hernandez, Skipper Davis, Mark I. Chester, Efren Ramirez, Ed
             Menerth, Guy Baldwin, Ken Lackey, Joseph W. Bean, and John H. Embry

                                Special dedication and thanks
                               to my stoic editor Mark Hemry
                    without whose remarkable diligence over thirty-seven years
                                this material would have been
                           impossible to collect, analyze, and present

                                     With gratitude to
                                      Jeanne Barney,
                                Jim Stewart, Mark Thompson
                                 Chuck Renslow, Rick Storer
                            and The Leather Archives & Museum

                ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 03-19-17
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