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94       Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               came to know, like, and respect the Women’s Movement. The static
               I received from H.E.L.P., mainly from Larry, regarding the Lesbian
               Feminists and others was not to be believed. He told me he wanted
               no more Communist or Socialist Workers Party people (both male
               and female) in the Center. I do not belong to either party, but I’ll
               defend their right to exist, even though the vast majority of our Sisters
               and Brothers are not affiliated with those political parties either.

            Schoch’s intuition about Townsend’s taste for intrigue and select conserva-
            tism had some basis in his family history. His father had been an anti-Nazi
            spy before the outbreak of World War II. When, freshly demobbed from
            the Air Force, Townsend was seeking work in the early 1960s with the
            System Development Corporation, he had to explain why, in the 1950s,
            his Secret Security Clearance had been suspended. Still identifying him-
            self as “Irvin Townsend Bernhard, Jr.,” a name he did not change until
            1972, he explained, as witnessed by Frances Lias, in his Personnel Security

               While on duty with USAF Intelligence Service (7050  AISW,
               Rhein Main ABF), my SECRET clearance was revoked for a period
               of approximately two weeks, due to the fact that my father (Irvin
               T. Bernhard, Sr.) had been active in collecting information for the
               FBI on German Bundest activities in New England during 1940.
               His name had been recorded on some subversive list at that time.
               A letter from J. Edgar Hoover, instructing him as to field offices
               and indicating that his help was appreciated is on file with security
               office, SDC. Also, refer to Mr. J. Frank Mothershead, 5241 42
               Street NW, Washington. D. C. This gentleman is former head of
               Patent Law Division, Dept. of Justice, and is aware of details to
               greater extent than I, since I was only ten years of age at the time.

               Even as the H.E.L.P. battle received coverage in The Advocate, Schoch
            confessed how he supported Embry and Townsend in that fundamentalist
            Puritan custom of ostracizing anyone who disagreed with them at H.E.L.P.,
            especially of Jeff Buckley, the publisher of California Scene which Embry saw
            as a competitor to his new H.E.L.P./Drummer. Shoch’s paragraph is the first
            published evidence of Embry’s famous Blacklist.

               The worst thing I feel I participated in was the shutting up [silencing]
               at Board meetings of Jeff Buckley, publisher of California Scene. Jeff

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