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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 4                         95

                can and does get carried away and can be very coarse and demand-
                ing, but Jeff has, and still does have, many questions to ask about
                the conduct of H.E.L.P. business....None have been answered to
                his or anybody else’s satisfaction, nor have Phil Cooper’s. Contrary
                to a statement published in The Advocate, Phil wrote his own letter
                without any prompting from me as Larry Townsend intimates.

             When Embry wrested the presidency of H.E.L.P. from Townsend, Schoch
             wrote: “The current regime under John Embry is nothing more than an
             extension of Larry’s policies of private control and manipulation.” As would
             be the future with Embry at Drummer, Schoch pinpointed the problems of
             bills unpaid because of dodgy ledgers and cash gone missing:

                For the members’ edification, there is much they should be con-
                cerned about:
                1. H.E.L.P. keeps no general ledger.
                2. Expenses have often been posted in the same entry as both “net”
                and “gross” with no breakdown as to profit or loss.
                3. The so-called “Black Pipe 21 War Chest” is a sham. With over
                $2000.00 collected, there is no money left...because all H.E.L.P.
                funds are in one account and H.E.LP. is practically broke.
                4. H.E.L.P./Drummer is owed over $3000.00 for ads, many of which
                were never authorized or were incorrectly run. (I owe Drummer for
                ads, myself!)
                5. As of early April [1973], H.E.L.P. had less than $700.00 in the
                bank and over $1500.00 owed to creditors—plus $750.00 due for
                April 15 for rent and five or six hundred dollars to print the April
                issue [of H.E.L.P/Drummer], plus whatever the issue cost to typeset.

             Finally, Schoch addressed the general duplicity through which Townsend
             and Embry engaged in public politics in order to advance their own pri-
             vate mail-order businesses. He was particularly accurate in 1973 in exposing
             Embry’s grift as a con-artist running his business and finances as a kind of
             shell game that he would use to confuse matters with the LAPD around the
             exact public or private nature of the 1976 Slave Auction.

                ...Is this fiscal responsibility? I cannot be blamed nor can other for-
                mer Board members...because when I asked questions about our
                finances, both Larry and Jerry Howard told me it was none of my
       let them answer to the members.

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