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x        Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

             How to Use This Text in the Printed Book and on the Internet

            Initiated in 1977, this is the first history to begin the documentation of Drummer
            magazine. This book may be read as a narrative stream beginning with page one
            and continuing to the end. However, for both the fun of browsing and the ease of
            research, the book is designed with an index, and may be opened and entered on
            almost any page. Because each section is written to stand alone, what sometimes
            may seem like repetition is instead a refrain and rephrasing of a statement or a
            theme. The reader, who must be his or her own best critic, can turn the text like a
            chunk of Labrador spar to see the facets.

                        Responsibility and Transparency in This Book

            For thirty years this book has been a work in progress. I was not paid, nor was I
            given grants, nor lunch, nor sex to write this book, nor do I expect much if any
            commercial return for the joy and labor required to fill in some big blanks in previ-
            ously ignored and censored gay history. No agent or corporate publishers enforced
            spin, revisionism, or censorship. Asking the readers’ indulgence, I assert that in
            my opining content and style, what is accurate is mine; what is inaccurate is also
            mine, and will be revised in future editions. What is here written is the eyewitness
            documentary and the oral history I have transparently offered for years to GLBT
            ethnographers. As a gay community service, my goal is to offer Gay Pioneers: How
            Drummer Magazine Shaped Gay Popular Culture simultaneously both as a low-cost-
            plus trade paperback, and as a free research document on the Internet. Visit www.

                                    Research Materials

            All research materials including publications, personal journals, letters, audio
            and video recordings, art, artifacts, photographs, and graphics are from the Jack
            Fritscher and Mark Hemry Archive Research Collection. Every reasonable effort
            has been made to acknowledge all copyright holders. Any errors or omissions
            that may have occurred are inadvertent, and anyone with any copyright queries is
            invited to write to the publisher, so that full acknowledgment may be included in
            subsequent editions of this work.


            Except for the quotations of others, Jack Fritscher is the author of all the writing
            in this book.

               ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved— posted 03-19-17
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