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106      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999


               Folks, one of many “elephants in the room” of politically incorrect
               topics that most people dare not discuss in debating homosexuality
               is that—for self-described “gay” men—homosexuality is a masculin-
               ity [gender] crisis...The converse is also true: lesbianism is a feminin-
               ity crisis....You cannot be a masculine nation and support homosexu-
               ality....[Consider]... the pitiable homosexual “leathermen,” with their
               “overkill” attempt at being “macho men,”—even as they engage in
               the most degrading (and unmanly) sexual perversions known to the
               human race—not the least of which is male-to-male anal sodomy.
               —“Fake Masculinity of Homosexuality,” Peter LaBarbera, President
               of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH), June 5, 2014

            In principle, no one can condemn John Embry’s own eyewitness testimony
            concerning his corporate publishing choices based on Freedom of Speech
            which is not absolute in any nation on Earth. My historical purpose is to
            analyze the way some of Drummer’s “youthful indiscretions” pissed off the
            LAPD who perceived the emerging tribe of 1970s leathermen as a suspicious
            cult not unlike the Manson Family sex slaves (1969) or a gang not unlike
            the Symbionese Liberation Army (1973-1975) who kidnaped and raped San
            Francisco heiress Patty Hearst. Both sex-driven outlaw groups provoked
            media coverage on television and in newspapers that framed the LAPD as
            inept at a time when they could not catch two prolific serial-killer-rapists
            who had been terrorizing LA for years. Embarrassed while policing clueless,
            and desperate to appear pro-active to the media, the LAPD responded by
            searching for suspect killers in sadomasochistic sex bars like the Black Pipe.
            When Police Chief Ed Davis first saw Drummer, he figured he’d found the
            secret text of an outlaw leather cult that would help him get ahead of sex
            crimes he had not gotten ahead of with Manson and the SLA. Upon reading
            the first free-speech issues of Drummer in 1975, Davis ordered surveillance
            of the magazine staff, and in a great display of helicopters and cameras
            raided the Drummer Slave Auction in April 1976, arresting forty-two people
            including John Embry and editor-in-chief Jeanne Barney.

                                  Los Angeles Magazine
                                       June 1976

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