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108      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            Leland Wiegert, Jr., which he would not let me delete from my first full
            issue (Drummer 19), but which, after I had insistent words with Embry, was
            never published again.
               Some things keep reoccurring. In  Drummer  123 (September 1988),
            publisher Anthony DeBlase published a letter from the ACLU on page 4,
            and then, in a first-person confession titled “Thinking,” allowed a writer
            named “Spunk” to rant on about performing forbidden sex “as a fantasy, as
            a thought” with “women, kids, dogs, horses; killing sex; hanging, castration,
            fucking to death....Hey, it’s FANTASY.” Analysis of both the writing and
            the photographs of this avowed “self-sucking sex performer” convinced me
            that the writer “Spunk” and the “model” were one and the same: the head-
            strong blond porn actor Scott O’Hara, a Drummer slave model famous for
            auto-fellatio, who in the 1980s in his Steam magazine singlehandedly ruined
            tearoom sex in the United States by publishing, for all law enforcement to see
            as Ed Davis had seen in Drummer, a list of the best spots for public gay sex; in
            what appear to be his fingerprints in an “ad in trade,” O’Hara was pictured in
            Drummer 123, page, 63, demonstrating a penis pump available through mail
            order. O’Hara’s Steam appeared in a display ad in Drummer 166, page 29.

            2. NECROPHILIA

            Sex with the dead is one of those things one doesn’t notice right away on
            Quaaludes, especially the original Rorer 714 edition. Nevertheless, Embry
            (who as far as I know never took a Quaalude) published the feature article
            “Fetish: Necrophilia” by the sensationalist writer William Wulfwine check-
            ing out a dead blond surfer, with Embry editorializing dangerously with
            camp irony Davis could not comprehend on page 9, that “The active partner
            can, and often does, carve up his [dead] subject...and he need not relate at
            all. He doesn’t even have to say, ‘I love you.’” (Drummer 4); the snuff poem
            by the night porter at the Ramada Inn on Santa Monica, John Rowberry
            (Drummer 5); and Satan sexing it up in a graveyard in Bill Ward’s graphic
            novel, King  (Drummer 9).

            3. BESTIALITY

            “Man’s Best Friend: Bestiality” (Drummer 9) reprinted as “Bestiality” (in
            The Best and the Worst of Drummer) featuring 14-and-16-year-old farm boys;
            plus the pop culture of San Francisco’s famous “Lion Pub” man-and-beast
            posters which are featured on two pages, 54 and 55, in The Best and the Worst
            of Drummer as well as in many pages throughout early Drummer. Embry

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