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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 5                        109

             fully acknowledged controversy and censorship over animal sex: “A couple
             of the [Lion Pub] drawings were rejected by some [other] publications....
             Here they are, intact.”

             4. PISS

             “Golden Shower Festival” (Drummer 2, pages 8-9); photo, cock pissing in
             mouth (Drummer 3); Orlando Paris’ “Water King”: enema, piss, scat; the
             homomasculine Kansas City Trucking Company (Drummer 10), a film by the
             Gage Brothers, Sam and Joe Gage aka Sam Christensen and Tim Kincaid.

             5. SCAT

             Lead feature, “Scat Anyone?” with drawing (Drummer 5); two “Letters to
             the Editor,” almost too coincidentally seeming to share the tone of other
             letters, praising earlier scatology article in Drummer 5 (“Hooray for Scat”
             Drummer 8; Drummer 10). Did Embry himself write or ask “Robert Payne”
             or staff to pen letters to the editor to make a point or sell a product? (Yes. He
             did. Repeatedly.) Positive review (Drummer 6, page 36) of the scatological
             graphic novel, Timmy, RFM Productions, 1976, 40 pages, fully illustrated.
             Timmy was “full of the most graphic scenes of shit and piss.... there is some-
             thing to offend anyone (unless you are an atheist) [Later, Embry would
             not be so flip about theology.]....It’s so bizarre that, like the Master DeSade
             himself, it is utterly fascinating.”

             6. EDGE PLAY

             The then shockingly new avant garde of tit piercing and blood licking in
             Fred Halsted’s 1975 film, Sextool (Drummer 1, Drummer 3), starring Val
             Martin in which Halsted pierces twinkie-blond Joey Yale’s nipple. The LA
             Halsted “quotes” New Yorker Sandy Daley’s film, Robert Gets His Nipple
             Pierced (1970), shot at the Chelsea Hotel, and featuring my soon-to-be
             lover,  Robert  Mapplethorpe,  the  scourge  of  US  government  censorship,
             with his then-partner punk rocker, Patti Smith, spieling on the soundtrack;
             “Branding, Piercing, Tattooing” (Drummer 6).

             7. SATANISM

             Hints of sulphur in Bill Ward’s homomasculine cartoon strip, King, with
             its “Satan’s Boy” (Drummer  6); leather-bar festivities with occult and

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