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110      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            Satanic-themed names like “Full-Moon Party” and “Leather Sabbat(h)”
            (Drummer 9, page 44) made worse by being pasted above the ad for the
            Scandinavian “chicken magazine” titled Boy sent mail order from Denmark. 1

            8. HALSTED, FRED

            Age and consent problems in “Rape,” a narrative of a “young blond twinkie
            in bondage” (over 21, of course) written by notorious LA sex-scofflaw and
            filmmaker, Fred Halsted (Drummer 4, page 48) who was cover photogra-
            pher for Drummer 2, featuring his controversial film, Sextool (1975), which
            opened in New York and San Francisco, but was forbidden to open in LA,
            during the same June 1975 that Drummer debuted its first issue. Variety
            reviewed Halsted as “the Ken Russell of S&M homoerotica.”  In 1969, the
            outrageous British director Ken Russell had startled mainstream filmgoers
            with his sensuous Women in Love, based on the novel by D. H. Lawrence
            from a script by gay activist Larry Kramer; the taboo-busting film became
            famous for its iconic nude scene of two homomasculine men, Oliver Reed
            and Alan Bates, wrestling in front of a blazing fireplace.
               When Halsted and Embry fell out after they were both arrested in the
            Slave Auction raid, Halsted turned competitor and immediately founded his
            own magazine called Package (1976) to replace in Los Angeles what Drummer
            had been to local LA leather before Drummer went national in San Francisco.
            Halsted, along with Academy Awards Oscar Streaker Robert Opel, contin-
            ued Embry’s mistake of challenging Ed Davis in the pages of Package which
            was quickly driven out of business after only six issues.
               Because of Davis, Package died the way Drummer would have died in its
            infancy if it had not exited LA to be reborn in San Francisco.
               Eighteen months later, Opel died mysteriously, shot in the head execu-
            tion-style in his new Fey-Way art gallery in San Francisco.

            9. MALE RAPE

            Lead feature article introduces the scary concept of gay sex used as an assault
            weapon against straight men; it’s a revenge fantasy against straight bullies,

               1   Editor’s Note: For more insider eyewitness information about 1960s and
            1970s black-leather culture, Folsom Street phallic worship, S&M ritual, Goth sex,
            Satanism, wicca, and witchcraft, see Popular Witchcraft: Straight from the Witch’s
            Mouth written by Drummer editor-in-chief, Jack Fritscher, in late 1960s and early
            1970s, and published 1972, three years before Drummer debuted; new edition,

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