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120      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               In 1990, DeBlase’s post-earthquake Drummer began featuring, review-
            ing, advertising, and selling our six “sex-education” films with enthusiasm.
            These S&M video features were not fiction. They were “Reality TV.” Each
            of the six was an American verite documentary of real European leathermen
            exhibiting themselves in real Art Brut scenes. That kind of intercontinental
            blood transfusion in an age of AIDS enlivened the shaken, ailing Drummer.
            DeBlase chose one of the color photographs I shot for LeGrand and Earl
            in the iconic Argos Bar, Amsterdam, for the cover of the “Drummer Super
            Publication,” Mach 20, April 1990. Ten other of my Argos photos appeared
            on pages 41-45.

                                      Bound for Europe
                      The Six “Reality TV” Video Series of Extreme BDSM
                      Directed by Roger Earl, Produced by Terry LeGrand of
                                     Marathon Films
                      Cinematography by Jack Fritscher and Mark Hemry of
                                    Palm Drive Video
                               Production Date: June-July 1989
                                 Released serially: 1990-1994

                            1. Argos: The Sessions shot in Amsterdam
                               2. Fit to Be Tied shot in Hamburg
                             3. Marks of Pleasure shot in Dusseldorf
                                4. The Knast shot in West Berlin
                           5. The Berlin Connection shot in West Berlin
                           6. Loose Ends of the Rope shot in Hamburg,
                                 Dusseldorf, and West Berlin

               After Amsterdam, the British painter, David Pearce, had to be called in
            to become our translator and still photographer because Mark Hemry and
            I told LeGrand and Earl that it was too much to expect us two to do three
            things at once: shoot the two High-8 video cameras as well as the 35mm
            still camera for publicity photographs. When LeGrand introduced us three,
            Pearce’s first words were his unforgettable pick-up line: “Are you two the
            gentlemen I was expecting?” David Pearce became our intimate pal while
            shooting together in dungeons in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, and West Berlin.
            Six months later, in 1990, he flew from London to San Francisco because
            he wanted to capture the anxiety and risk he saw around me as an author,
            made naked to the world, he said, by the first publication of Some Dance
            to Remember: A Memoir-Novel of San Francisco 1970-1982. He decided to

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