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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 5                        127

             erection a hard on or a hardon? Is ejaculate jism or jizm? I wanted a word like
             come to be spelled consistently the hot and dirty looking way as cum. Later,
             DeBlase honored that spelling of cum which is also favored by the internet.
             A cum rag is so much hotter than a come rag.
                I am no Eleanor come from the Aquitaine to Henry’s court to clean up
             ballsy Anglo-Saxon with polite French circumlocutions, but I have spent a
             career designing sex words that connect with the reader’s Id. Erotic spell-
             ing might best be based on the grass-roots spellings on toilet walls that are
             primal art galleries and dictionaries of gay linguistics.
                On Halloween, October 31, 1988, I wrote a letter to DeBlase and his
             editorial assistant, Ken Lackey, regarding formalizing the Drummer and
             “Desmodus Style Guide” with spelling, punctuation, picture-credit format,
             etc., to help remedy consistency errors caused by the constant turn-over of
             inexperienced staff trying to copyedit, typeset, proof, and create layout. In
             the temperamental gypsy world of gay publishing, the average length of
             employment for dissatisfied office help at Drummer was six minutes to six
             months. What style-guide standards were set in the 1970s became scram-
             bled in the Dark Ages of the 1980s when death by AIDS caused a generation
             gap that caused a consistency gap, as a new breed of leatherfolk emerged
             with New Media sensibilities that didn’t give a fig about old-school publish-
             ing standards or the kind of spelling consistency on which internet searches
             depend. As a result, few noticed in the 1990s that Drummer slipped from
             literacy and became a photo magazine and video catalog. Its literary model
             was no longer the Evergreen Review that founding editor-in-chief Jeanne
             Barney had envisioned in 1975. 2

             22. ACLU

             With ads for the American Civil Liberties Union, Embry took a liberal
             stance during the beginning of the American culture war begun by Holy
             Bully Right-Wing Fundamentalists ignited by Florida Orange Juice Queen
             Anita Bryant, and fueled by the hate-monger Jerry Falwell who founded
             his Moral Majority in 1979, the first year of the national peak of Drummer
             popularity. The Drummer ACLU ads angered the LAPD as much as did the
             National Socialist League ads (Drummer 6, page 18; Drummer 9).

             23. GAY NAZI PARTY

                2   For expanded detail on leather linguistics: “Homomasculinity: Framing
             Keywords of Queer Popular Culture in Drummer Magazine” in Gay San Francisco:
             Eyewitness Drummer (2008).

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