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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 6                        147


             FRITSCHER: Wickie, Thank you for switching us from Facebook to per-
             sonal email. As a gay historian, and as a journalist, as well as the eyewitness
             founding San Francisco editor-in-chief of Drummer, I wish to acknowledge
             all the other eyewitnesses of Drummer, of which you are a very valuable one.
             In this regard, may I ask you these questions, any one of which you may
             answer or not any way---or with any variable I don’t know about that you
             feel tells the Drummer story during its final collapse.
                I don’t wish to impose on your time or your generosity in responding.
             Your answers may be brief sentences--or more, if you like. And you needn’t
             answer all of my suggested questions. Pick what you like and feel you know
             about. I am most interested in your own point of view on specifics you
             remember as suitable for history.
                Who hired you? And when did you begin to edit Drummer (begin and
             end dates and issue numbers of your tenure). Why did you personally and
             professionally want the job? Any professional credentials you care to men-
             tion? Were you a practitioner of BDSM? Had you published any BDSM
             fiction or features? At what age did you become editor? How did you feel
             editing a magazine that was in such transition between owners? Did the
             office staff feel it was heading toward collapse?

             STAMPS: i was already working at drummer handling advertising. frank
             strona who i knew from gay community news in boston had suggested to
             the advertising person that he hire me. while working handling advertising,
             i walked in one day and there was a note on my desk from the then current
             editor marcus wonacott thanking me for being supportive of him as a writer.
             marcus had asked my opinion of his writing as i guess martijn had told him
             he couldn’t write (not sure it was martijn but someone in authority). when i
             read the note i said to other staff “oh, that’s nice.” they said “you don’t under-
             stand, the editor came in and cleared out his desk during the night.” i was
             then asked into the front office and met with mark (can’t remember his last
             name). he was the administrator of drummer working directly with martijn
             (forgive the spelling). mark who knew i was a published writer (although i
             did not write for drummer) asked me if i would be willing to be the manag-
             ing editor (i think that was the title). i said yes. and there you have it.
                by the time i was hired at drummer, i was deeply involved in the united
             states’ dyke bdsm scene. i’d also written extensively on sm and radical sexu-
             ality including a sm column for The Guide to the Gay Northeast. i was both

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