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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 6                        149

             dead from aids-as was a massive portion of the men’s leather scene. the wild
             abandon including the photos that were shot in bars capturing real sex had
             ended. the archives at drummer were in complete disarray. the magazine
             with in deep debt. there was no money to pay for much of anything. sam
             had to get almost all of the photo shoots for free from porn companies.
             the internet was exploding perhaps replacing print publishing. sam did an
             amazing job getting what he could for free as well as doing a great deal of
             writing as well as design work.
                what was most difficult about my working at drummer was the position
             i was in - one where i had all of the responsibility but none of the author-
             ity. i really liked mark, martijn and sam as well as many other men. but it
             was incredibly stressful to be in an environment where there was so much
             anger and resentment against martijn by people at drummer as well as the

             FRITSCHER: Regarding “The 20th Anniversary Issue” of  Drummer:
             What was your take on Larry Townsend, John Preston, and Anne Rice in
             regards to Drummer? Did you have any contact with any of them personally?

             STAMPS: through my own writing i knew john preston personally and
             considered him a personal mentor. he had died by the time i became edi-
             tor of drummer. i met larry via drummer. he stayed in touch with me via
             cards many years after drummer. anne rice. i did not know her. i negotiated
             with her agent to re-run some of her work that had previously appeared in

             FRITSCHER: How did Robert Davolt involve you, help you, not help
             you, or, what are your thoughts on Davolt? Have you read his own history
             of Drummer?

             STAMPS: i have not read davolt’s history of drummer. although i found
             robert a very difficult personality to work with and for. i cannot say that i
             was always at my best. i felt that he was a man who was deeply connected
             to the united states’ men’s leather scene—something that had been missing
             from drummer. we were both close and conflicted. he did his best to work
             with me. i did my best to work with him. sam who i had been close too
             became persona non grata at drummer. that ruined our relationship. robert
             was very devoted to drummer as well as to the men’s leather scene. i think
             robert helped to try and get drummer back on track. i think he was a editor
             in the old school way—totally devoted to the vision of the magazine and

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