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150      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            its role in the men’s leather scene. i believe robert was pretty challenged by
            his drinking which affected his professionalism. but boy did he work hard
            and when we had conflicts, he worked to flesh them out. i appreciated that.

            FRITSCHER: What is your main feeling about John Embry at the end of
            the 1990s? Had you any relationship to him? What is the main thing you
            remember about Davolt’s relationship to Embry?

            STAMPS: i was probably more connected to and friendly with john than
            anyone else at drummer. i can’t remember if he called me or vice versa.
            i’d visit him often in his offices on 18th street. he seemed to wish he still
            could be involved at drummer. i liked john a lot. in fact after drummer i
            consulted on i think it was manifest reader. through john, i learned a great
            deal about the history of drummer. i introduced robert to john. i think there
            were conversations between robert and john about somehow involving john back
            in drummer. [Italics added.] i think robert liked john perhaps admired him
            for starting drummer.

            FRITSCHER: In the last days of Drummer, what happened to the files
            at Drummer? That is, the fiction and article manuscripts, the art work,
            the photography? Did Davolt give or sell everything to Embry who always
            wanted to buy Drummer back?

            STAMPS: i was laid off from drummer and robert continued on. so i wasn’t
            around when it closed and don’t know what happened to everything.

            FRITSCHER: Is there anything else that you might relate regarding Martijn
            Bakker or Robert Davolt or Tony Deblase or John Embry, or anyone else,
            or anything else? Is there any one thing or two things, besides the internet,
            that you think caused Drummer to shut its doors?

            STAMPS: no i think i’ve covered everything.

            FRITSCHER: Who took over the editorship when you left? How did you
            feel about Drummer and all the cast of characters when you left? In fact, why
            did you leave? Were you not paid, etc.?

            STAMPS: robert was the last person left at drummer. like my relationship
            with sam, robert’s and my roles was very unclear. he finally became what i
            think he wanted all along—to be the editor of drummer.

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