Page 17 - Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999
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Jack Fritscher               Chapter                          xv

          Jack Fritscher wrote his activist editorial “Getting Off” in
          May 1978 for Drummer 23 (July 1978). In the 1970s, the first
          liberated decade after Stonewall, he added to Drummer the
          tag line, “The American Review of Gay Popular Culture.”
          He was planting a flag for a declaration of gay independence,
          an assertive vision of the new direction and new character of a
          San Francisco Drummer that reflected its grassroots readers,
          and how those national and international readers lived real-
          time in the emerging gay pop culture of the 1970s before that
          Titanic Decade hit the iceberg of AIDS. The illustration was
          custom created for this editorial by Drummer art director, Al
          Shapiro/A. Jay. This page can be read in larger point size later
          in this book. —Mark Hemry, editor

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