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152      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               Davolt may have lacked that certain je ne sais quoi, that gumption, and
            that enterprise which are the defining stuff of editors aggressively developing
            creative material while stroking the talent in the Drummer Salon. Playing
            at being a romantic bohemian and abandoned artist among the Leatherati,
            he often projected presumptions about Drummer loyalty that were not true.
            Rescue was, in fact, there for his asking from empathetic writers and art-
            ists and photographers, but he did not ask, because he himself so figured
            Drummer was about money, and earning a living off art, that he couldn’t
            fathom that payment was not an issue with seasoned Drummer veterans and
            Salonistas who, almost as a “leather community service,” created specifically
            for Drummer because they loved the leather heritage of Drummer. Truth be
            told: even at the end of the 1990s, most writers and photographers with a
            bucket list would have paid Davolt to have their work published in Drummer
            because it was the sine qua non pedigree of “Who’s Who in Leather Heritage,
            Literature, Pop Culture, and Art.”
               As one of many eternal supporters of Drummer, I was pro-active in con-
            gratulating Davolt to support him in person, on the phone, and in letters.
            In 1999, Drummer was in an embarrassing nose dive and because Davolt
            was in a tailspin, I wrote him offering encouragement as well as photos,
            features, and fiction. The letter was dated March 2, 1999, six months before
            Drummer closed shop.

               Robert Davolt
               Publisher, Editor, Drummer
               PO Box 410390
               San Francisco CA 94141-0390

               Dear Robert,
                   Of all people, having done once virtually alone for early
               Drummer what you are now accomplishing virtually alone, I can
               understand your one-man battle to keep the pages hot while fight-
               ing censorship inside the gay world and outside in the world of
               distribution. Keep up the good work.
                   Enclosed is a new video (very Drummer) which I shot: Party
               Animal Raw. The ruff-sex themes are included on the cassette box
               itself. Several photos are included. If you’d like to write up a para-
               graph or two about the video, please feel free to use the photos all
               on one page or over a couple-page layout.
                   Please credit photos on each page: “Tom Howard, Party Animal
               Raw,” © Jack Fritscher/Palm Drive Video.

              ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 03-14-2017
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