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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 7                        159

                                     CHAPTER 7

                                THE DRUMMER SALON

                                   ON THE 69  DAY,
                               GOD CREATED QUEERS
                            AND THE QUEERS REBELLED

                •  Declaring Homosexuality a Religion Protected by the
                •  The Manic-Depressive 1970s: Gay Saints; Gay Civil War;
                    the Printer as Censor
                •  Blasphemy: The Outer Limit of the Radical Avant Garde;
                    Jesus Christ Superstar; Kenneth Anger; the Satanic
                    Mapplethorpe; and “Jesus D’Pressed”
                •  Man2Man Quarterly: “Virtual Drummer”
                •  East Coast-West Coast Literary Rivalry: New Yorkers Try
                    to “Manhattanize” San Francisco
                •  Allegedly: Kramer, Picano, White, and the Violet Quill;
                    Sasha Alyson; Elizabeth Gershman, and Knights Press
                •  Erotica: The Essence of Gay Literature
                •  Despite Feminist Fantasy, Anne Rice Never Wrote for

                        “Erotic writing begins with one stroke of the pen
                           and ends with many strokes of the penis.”
                                      —Jack Fritscher

             I confess after eleven years studying for the Catholic priesthood, I have a
             certain apostolic quality that is outlaw and hard to institutionalize because
             I think homosexuality is the natural and intuitive Old Religion predat-
             ing revealed religions such as Druidism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
             In  this  carpe  diem  concept  lies  the  liberation  of  homosexuality  through
             Constitutional freedom of religion. Why not? Joseph Smith did it in the
             1820s conjuring up the Mormons with his doctrine of polygamy to justify
             to his screaming wife why their pretty young maid was his mistress. British

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