Page 19 - Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999
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Jack Fritscher             Introduction                        1


             Hundreds of People Created Drummer
             Millions of People Read Drummer

                                 CHASING DRUMMER

                              In the Golden Age of Leather,
                          It Took a Village to Raise a Magazine

                         Toward an Autobiography of Drummer

                                “My Heart’s a Drummer!”
                                  —Barbara Streisand,
                                “Don’t Rain on My Parade”

             This book of investigative journalism is an eyewitness oral history about a
             soon-to-be-lost generation of a once-important subculture of gay pioneers.
                This is a gay Origin Story.
                This is a guide not a gospel.
                Drummer was a first draft of leather history.
                This  popular  culture  memoir  about  Drummer  is  a  second  draft  in
             nineteen fluid chapters of interwoven eyewitness testimony. As in Akira
             Kurosawa’s film Rashomon or Lawrence Durrell’s novels in The Alexandria
             Quartet, what may seem like repetition is the quantum build of testimony
             from many Drummer eyewitness insiders experiencing the same things and
             coming away with differing truths, even as, over time, each is also changing
             his or her own memory’s spiraling point of view. What happened depends
             on whom you ask. I hope this frisson encourages readers to peruse the rich
             text and fire up their own critical thinking. This is oral history about the
             institutional memory of Drummer written down for remembrance. This is
             memoir ricocheting off Gertrude Stein’s Everybody’s Autobiography.
                Readers may understand the huge task of writing history that includes
             the melodrama of so many of our own lives lived in the first liberated decades
             of gay life and gay publishing after Stonewall. The legacy of  Drummer
             has many sides and to ignore one or the other because it is untidy is to

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