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178      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

                                 “SUBMIT TO DRUMMER”
                            PHOTOGRAPHERS, WRITERS, ARTISTS

               Want to go down in history? Drummer pays competitive rates for
               your photos, artwork, first-person articles, and fiction. Your submis-
               sions to “Drummer, The American Magazine of Gay Popular Culture,”
               are always welcome. Feature articles average 2,000 words up to
               4,000. Short stories run around 2,000 words; longer book-length
               manuscripts are acceptable for serialization. Photography and/or
               artwork that illustrates your article or story is a definite plus. Always
               type and double space your manuscript.
                   Drummer especially encourages single photographs as well as
               photo spreads of up to 20 shots on matter of your choice. We prefer
               black-and-white prints, but color transparencies are acceptable and
               are reviewed for cover use.
                   Drummer will take prudent care of your submissions, but can-
               not be responsible for their loss. (Wise writers retain a Xerox of their
               materials.) Always [in bold] enclose a stamped self-addressed enve-
               lope for prompt return of your unused work
                   For Drummer’s New “Readers’ Section” [my startup of “Tough
               Customers”]  Drummer  pays  $10 for  each black-and-white  photo
               accepted for publication from our readers. Submit whatever leather,
               western, uniform, jock, fetish, nude, fantasy, sports, etc. photos you
               like. For return of unused photos, include a sufficiently stamped
               self-addressed return envelope.
                   Drummer Pays Competitive Rates on Publication.
                   Send to Drummer editor. —Best Regards, Jack Fritscher

               Including my special issue, Son of Drummer (September 1978), in which
            I featured “New York Art,” I did everything but send a singing telegram to
               What was Drummer? Chopped liver?
               If Drummer were not good enough for their tastes, why weren’t they
            clever enough to seize the opportunity, for themselves and for the gay com-
            munity, to send in their own improving “better” fiction and features. I
            would have seriously considered publishing them.
               As if in answer to my open invitation, Picano had sent that story, “Hunter,”
            which Embry published, after my exit, in  Drummer  39 (October 1980).
            Picano’s 1978 poem, “The Deformity Lover,” a spin on Tennessee Williams’
            disability-as-sex-fetish  story,  “One  Arm,”  was  published  in  Drummer  93

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