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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 8                        193

                                     CHAPTER 8

                                      THE MAFIA:
                       STRAIGHT AND GAY AND MAYBE NOT

                •  Editor-in-Chief Tunes Up Drummer Issues 19-33,
                •  From “Old Guard Leather” to the “New Gender of
                •  Sashes to Ashes: The Mr. Drummer Contest and HIV
                •  Verite Style: Making Drummer Reflect Self-Identifying
                    Homomasculine Readers
                •  Embry’s Grudges Become His Blacklist That Poisons the
                    Lineage of Leather Descent
                •  Eyewitnesses Robert Davolt, Rick Leathers, Steven Saylor
                •  The Mafia: “Guido Lust,” Tony Tavarossi, and the
                    Invention of the Leather Bar

             TV-Gay Thumbnail. The Ritz: The Mafia gets tangled up with Manhattan
             denizens of a gay bathhouse (Think: “Continental Baths plus Bette Midler”)
             in Terrence McNally’s hit Broadway sex farce (1975) and cult movie (1977).

                Embry never “got” me.
                I never “got” him.
                He was petulant.
                I was impetuous.
                We were totally unrequited.
                We were destined for each other.
                Drummer  editor Joseph Bean wrote in his  Drummer  history essay
             “Nobody Did It Better,” published first by the Leather Archives & Museum
             in its Leather Times #1 (2007), that in 1977 I had pulled Embry’s fat out of
             the fire in the drama that was Drummer, and to Embry’s chagrin, everyone
             knew it. In a decade where everybody was balling everybody, particularly in
             the leather culture around Drummer at venues on Folsom Street, between

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