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Jack Fritscher             Introduction                        5

             consider how the black-box flight recorder I have recovered from the take-off,
             cruising altitude, and crash of Drummer may reveal how Drummer shaped
             the gay popular culture of leather and kink for the twenty-first century.

                                   David “Trooper” Vargo
                               Mr. Florida Drummer 1992, and
                           International Mr. Drummer, First Runner-Up

                Drummer was my bible, my textbook for Life. I still have every issue
                in my possession (safely tucked away in an air-controlled storage
                unit). Yes, there are  pages that are  covered  in notes, and  some
                pages are still sticky. Some pages have tears and rips and holes.
                But so do I. I learned how to be a Man from Drummer. I learned
                how to “play” from Drummer. I learned how to conduct myself as a
                Leatherman from Drummer, and most importantly I discovered who
                I was and who I continue to be from the pages of Drummer maga-
                zine. It came at a time when I was just coming out not only as a gay
                man but as a Leatherman. It all happened at once. I was young and
                impressionable, and Drummer resonated deep within my psyche, a
                mystical union between a boy and the printed page. I followed it to
                the letter. And when it died, I mourned its loss like the death of a best
                old friend. Thank you, Jack, in many ways, you raised me.
                —David Vargo, Mr. Florida Drummer 1992, International Mr. Drummer
                First Runner-Up, June 20, 2012

                                      Richard Hunter,
                                  Owner, Mr. S Leather Co.
                                       San Francisco

                Most of us may never have had the introduction to this Leather
                scene had it not been for John Embry and the Original Drummer
                Magazine....I know it’s how I first realized I wasn’t alone in all my
                perverted fantasies. Finding that Drummer magazine on a news
                stand in New Orleans in 1981 changed my life....and you can see
                where it all led for me [into a stylish leather goods business serv-
                ing the community]. Tens of thousands of guys worldwide read
                Drummer every month and felt a bonding connection to each other
                because of it.
                —Richard Hunter, Owner, Mr. S Leather Co. Newsletter, October 13,

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