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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 9                        217

                                     CHAPTER 9

                                STEALING DRUMMER
                      AN ORIGIN STORY OF GAY MAIL-ORDER

                •  Copyright War: Protecting Writers, Photographers,
                    Artists, and Heirs
                •  David Begelman: Hollywood Studio “Money Scandal”
                    Impacts San Francisco Drummer
                •  Richard Locke and Daddies: Turning a Man’s Age into
                    Erotic Fetish
                •  Gay Culture: Entrapped by Law and Then by AIDS
                •  Mail-Order Pioneers Create 20th-Century Gay Popular
                        Bob Mizer, AMG Studio
                        Chuck Renslow and Etienne, Kris Studio
                        Larry Townsend, LT Publications
                        David Hurles, Old Reliable Studio
                •  Author Daniel Curzon: An Eyewitness to History
                    Testifies about Publisher Embry

                              “We were fools to buy Drummer.”
                      —Anthony F. DeBlase, Letter to Jack Fritscher, 1988

             Since the advent of the internet, scan-and-post poachers have continually
             sniffed around the contents of Drummer because there is a popular miscon-
             ception that everything gay is somehow “gay community property.”
                From Drummer 1 to Drummer 214, as far as I know about other authors,
             photographers, and friends whom I published, and certainly I know about
             myself, Drummer bought only one-time First North American print publi-
             cation rights. It did not buy second reprint rights, and, certainly, not elec-
             tronic rights that would allow Drummer or anyone else, for instance, to scan
             a page of Drummer and post it on the web.
                The principle of “fair use” is a minimalist law.
                As the owner of Alternate Publishing, Embry wrote specifically in his
             Manifest Reader 11 (1995) about the intellectual property rights he typically

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