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6        Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               Erotic writing begins with one stroke of the pen and ends with many
            strokes of the penis. Paying my dues while editor-in-chief, I had by the end of
            1979 contributed 147 pieces of writing and 266 photographs under my own
            byline or my pen names for writing, using “Denny Sargent” and “Eric van
            Meter” once each, and for photography, “Larry Olson” once, and “David
            Sparrow” and “Sparrow Photography” many times, as well as beginning in
            the mid-1980s, “Palm Drive Video.” Estimating that each ninety-page issue
            of Drummer equaled a nearly four-hundred-page trade paperback book, I
            edited 942 pages of Drummer 18-33, the equivalent of a 3,778-page book.
               Following the popular 1960s style of the New Journalism of American
            writers Tom Wolfe, Norman Mailer, Gay Talese, and George Plimpton who
            immersed themselves in a subject or an experience to write what they knew
            with authenticity and authority, Drummer created, coached, validated, and
            enabled the authentic voices of many leatherfolk who, freely outing them-
            selves as eyewitnesses inside the kink BDSM scene, reported what they knew
            in their grass-roots and first-person you-are-there articles, stories, drawings,
            and photographs.
               “The  Drummer  Salon” was so named by member Samuel Steward/
            Phil Andros who was part of Gertrude Stein’s Salon. Included variously
            among many talents identified with Drummer were Jeanne Barney, Robert
            Mapplethorpe, Tom of Finland, Al Shapiro, Larry Townsend, Etienne,
            Anthony DeBlase, A. Jay, Rex, Chuck Arnett, Mark I. Chester, Joseph W.
            Bean, Lou Thomas, Bill Ward, Mikal Bales, David Sparrow, Steven Saylor,
            Old Reliable David Hurles, Domino, Jim Kane, Roger Earl, Patrick Califia,
            Hank Trout, Guy Baldwin, Jim Wigler, Olaf, Rick Leathers, Judy Tallwing
            McCarthy, The Hun, Fred Halsted, Robert Opel, George Birimisa, Tim
            Barrus, Rick Castro, Mr. Marcus Hernandez, Rick Leathers, Jim Stewart,
            Wickie Stamps, and Robert Davolt.


            At Stonewall in 1969, gay character changed. At the founding of Drummer
            in 1975, leather character changed. In that first decade of gay liberation after
            Stonewall, homosexuality itself changed from not daring to speak its name
            to shouting out its many erotic identities.
               Drummer led the gay liberation stampede out of the closet with trans-
            formational erotica. To write about the new psychology as well as emerging
            sex acts previously unnamed in polite society, we introduced or created new
            images and new concepts, and coined new vocabulary that advanced the gay

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