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236      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

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                   H.E.L.P./Drummer, Volume 2 #1: September 15, 1972
                   H.E.L.P./Drummer, Volume 2 #2: October 15, 1972
                   H.E.L.P./Drummer, Volume 2 #3: November 15, 1972
                   H.E.L.P./Drummer, Volume 2 #4: December 15, 1972
                   H.E.L.P./Drummer, Volume 2 #5: January 15, 1973

               Embry, who built his fortune selling over-priced poppers for thirty
            years, denounced poppers in Drummer 98 (1986) solely to spite incoming
            new Drummer publisher DeBlase and to hurt DeBlase’s mail-order com-
            petition. On October 21, 1991, he enlarged his hypocrisy by condemning
            poppers in his new Manifest Reader magazines at the same time he offered
            them for sale. Embry was a drug dealer whose concern was not respiratory
            health. He loved only his mail-order company Alternate Marketing. In an
            age of AIDS, he mass-mailed a coded snake-oil “drug letter” from 31855
            Date Palm Drive, Cathedral City, CA 92234:

               Dear Friend,
                   As you know, a federal law was passed that prevents the sale of
               aromas [poppers; variations on the inhalant amyl nitrite]. We can-
               not break the law and thus no longer carry or sell aromas. We do
               however have a wonderful new automotive carburetor cleaner [what
               a euphemism] that you should consider buying. It is priced at $12
               per bottle or 3 bottles for $29, post paid. The product carries a full
               money-back guarantee that will perk up your engine’s pistons as any
               buddy who is used to working on them can show you.....
                   We also ask that you allow up to 3 weeks for delivery as this new
               carburetor cleaner is in limited supply from time to time.
               My Best Regards,
               Alternate Marketing...
               If you order now, we’ll send you a free cock ring.

               That last line should be on his tombstone.
               Embry profiled his evil-twin “Robert Payne” and his reputation in a
            full-page ad he wrote for Manifest Reader 15 (1991), page 57. As a prose styl-
            ist, his advertising copy did no more for him than it did for Mario Simon’s
            disco records in Drummer 81 (February 1984).

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