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270      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               Maneuvers made it a fashion. A Different Drum reviewed the tem-
               pest with sympathetic amusement. Leather Man didn’t get it at all.
               Ryan was prick-teasing everyone, even his own kind, and having a
               wonderful time doing it. —Some Dance to Remember: A Memoir-
               Novel of San Francisco 1970-1982, Reel 3, Scene 3, pages 176-177]

               Historically,  it  is  a  zero-degrees-of-separation  footnote  that  Terry
            LeGrand, the West Hollywood producer of the film Born to Raise Hell, read
            Some Dance in galley proofs while he and I and Roger Earl and Mark Hemry
            were shooting a series of six BDSM video features on location in Europe in
            1989, the last summer that West Berlin existed. LeGrand, excited by the
            name of my fictitious magazine, Leather Man, decided to begin his own
            LA magazine titled Leather Man, which, in issue 2, on its masthead page,
            credited Some Dance to Remember as the inspiration for LeGrand’s title.
            Soon after, in the way that Drummer had moved from LA to San Francisco,
            LeGrand sold his LA magazine title to Beardog Hoffman, owner of Brush
            Creek Media in San Francisco, where it was produced by former Drummer
            editor, Joseph W. Bean.
               Tweaking the  Leather Man  title in the way that  Drummer  was re-
            christened  International Drummer by its Dutch owner, Hoffman added
            International Leatherman to his other Brush Creek magazines such as Bear,
            Powerplay, and Bunkhouse. As it happened, Brush Creek had cash problems
            similar to Drummer. Like Embry not paying staff workers, contributors,
            and suppliers, Brush Creek also had default problems that I first noticed
            when its business office stopped paying some accounts, including my Palm
            Drive Video company even while I was actively supplying hundreds of cas-
            settes of my bear videos to Brush Creek for its mail-order business. One
            Sunday at Mass at Saint Sebastian’s Church in Sebastopol near the Russian
            River, I noticed Beardog Hoffman standing next to me in line to receive
            Communion, and I wanted to ask him what-the-fuck, but out of respect for
            the sacred venue I did not.
               Because of years inside gay publishing, I was hardly surprised when
            Brush Creek was busted by the United States Internal Revenue Service. In
            2002, the IRS padlocked the doors of Brush Creek Media, shut down its
            magazines, and seized its inventory for back taxes. For historical purposes,
            I shot a photo of the IRS sign posted on the sealed front door at 367 Ninth
            Street. Nevertheless, I found no Schadenfreude in the situation because I
            personally liked and appreciated both Beardog Hoffman and his partner Jack
            Boujaklian and their efforts to create a gay media empire that so often and so
            generously published my writing and photographs and sold the video features

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