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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 10                       271

             I directed and shot. In 2007, a court assigned the ownership of Bear Magazine
             and all the Brush Creek Media copyrights to a creditor of Brush Creek, Butch
             Media Ltd., and its parent company Bear Omnimedia LLC, Las Vegas.
                If only Drummer and the rights to it had also been legally negotiated
             with such clarity through all three publishers, analog Drummer might also
             have been revived like Bear in the digital twenty-first century. Instead, the
             Drummer title fell, it seems, by disuse into legal limbo, and all rights to its
             contents belong, as they always have, to the original creators of its writing,
             photography, and drawings, or to their estates and heirs; and their intellec-
             tual property may not be republished without their permission.
                That’s why I never bought Drummer.

                           Writing History One Eyewitness at a Time:
                             Sex, Immigration, the Catacombs, and
                        the Marriage of Cynthia Slater and Frank Sammut

                From: Frank Sammut, Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 12:24 AM
                To: Jack Fritscher
                Subject: Catacombs

                Dear Jack,

                My name is Frank Sammut. I lived in San Francisco from 1977 to
                1983. I went to the Catacombs for at least 3 of those years. I knew
                Steve McEachern well. I used to also every Monday for a while clean
                the Catacombs. Cynthia Slater I married in 1979, this was re helping
                me to get my green card. I left SF in 1983 back to Australia. Have
                been living here since. I have had several trips back to SF. I read your
                write up on the Catacombs and of course it made me very emotional;
                am I the only one left living from that place and that period. If you
                can help me track some people down from that period I would so
                appreciate it. Attached are two photos. I do have others but am
                rushing to send this after I read your article on line. One of me from
                the 80’s and one as I look now. Thank you and look forward to hear
                some word from you. —Frank Sammut

                                          * * * *

                From: Frank Sammut, Sunday, January 8, 2012, 7:05 PM
                To: Jack Fritscher
                Subject: Catacombs

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