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272      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               Dear Jack,

               Happy Twenty 12 to you too mate. Sorry it took me a while to answer,
               was in Sydney with partner and family for Christmas, then came
               back home and a day later went out [to the] bush to celebrate the
               New Year at a friend’s property. I have scanned some photos. I have
               a whole wedding album. The dark skin one of course is me, the fair
               skin one, with the big mow was my best friend Paul. He used to be
               door man at the Balcony and Toad Hall, he lived on Market St next
               to I think a gas station before one turns into Castro.
                   We met Steve through our then dearest friend, whom I think
               has left the planet, the black man in the picture, his name was Bob
               Mahoney. He took us to the Catacombs first, then Steve would call
               us every week to join in. Bob got sick later. I was in SF round about
               1986 maybe and he was not well. He was then living with his part-
               ner on Divisadero. Two others in the photos; Mikael Fry and then
               his partner Paul Sorenson. I think I had heard that they also left us.
                   I met Cynthia at the Catacombs. We became good friends. She
               wanted to take my hand and in return she’d do me. I was more of
               top. The first time I was fisted was at the Handball Express, so
               taking Cynthia’s hand was a relief, small hands. She knew that I
               was there illegally and wanted to help. We got married. I wanted
               to buy her a ticket to bring her to Australia for the holidays, and to
               meet some of the other fellas who used to come to the Catacombs.
               Later on she opted for cash. Before I left the States, we divorced
               to have a clean slate. I worked with her in her dungeon on a couple
               of occasions. I used to also clean her house. The wedding was a
               civic ceremony with Steve and my then partner as witnesses. The
               wedding reception was held at dear friend of mine’s house down
               by the water front. We had heaps of friends who were invited to the
               party. We had a wedding cake and all. In one of the photos you will
               see Doris Fish and Miss Leading or Tippy. They lived on top of us at
               115 Haight Street, corner of Octavia, right behind the church with
               the round dome and then a revolving cross. Did you know she was
               married to me?
                   My doctor, and also a dear friend of mine, was doctor Tom
               Ainsworth. He  was on 18  Street  round  the  corner  from Castro
               in front of that supermarket [Cala]. He later on gave up work and
               retired. I Googled his house and I have a feeling that he has also
               gone. His house was up for sale in 2002 under a revocable trust. I
               cannot find any signs of him. He was a great man. He was the one
               who in 1981 when I fell sick (sero-converting) said to me: something
               was really strange with my blood results. Of course they did not know
               what the hell was going on.

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