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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 11                       275

                                    CHAPTER 11

                         RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARCHIVES

                              THE SECRET PROTOCOLS
                      OF JOHN EMBRY AND ROBERT DAVOLT

                •  Eyewitness Queen Cougar: Why Mr. Marcus Shamed
                    Robert Davolt
                •  Starting Tony DeBlase’s “Passion Project”: “A Leather
                    Timeline” for the Leather Archives & Museum
                •  Leather History Video Interviews: Founders of the
                    Ambush Bar, the CMC Carnival, and the Jaguar
                •  Drummer Editor Joseph W. Bean and Drummer
                    Photographer David Sparrow
                •  Three Crises Change Drummer: Slave Auction Arrest
                    (1976), HIV (1982), and the Loma Prieta Earthquake

                        “The history business is not the candy business.
                                    It’s not always sweet.”
                                      —Jack Fritscher

                                       Robert Davolt
                                    Measure of the Man

                Robert Davolt so drove himself to distraction with his disdain for
                Dutch publisher Martijn Bakker that he accidentally helped drive
                Drummer  out  of business. “Best  men are  molded  out  of faults,”
                Shakespeare wrote in Measure for Measure, “and, for the most part,
                become much more the better for being a little bad.” Robert Davolt,
                as controversial professionally as he was beloved personally by so
                many was that little bit of bad’s more kind of better.

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