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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 11                       281

             Blues: Years from Now When You Read This, and You Will Read This,
             Remember the Way We Were, 1978 Style.” In Son of Drummer (September
             1978), I began my “Target Studio Retrospective” by repeating with a varia-
             tion: “Years from now when you think of the Seventies, and you will think
             of the Seventies...”


             Had he paged through Drummer, Davolt, upon proper timeline investiga-
             tion, would have found that, always discounting the “aka” aches and pains
             of “Robert Payne,” the “early” Drummer editorial pedigree was simple.
                In the immortal opening words of A Chorus Line, “Five, six, seven,
             eight, again!” There were only two “editors-in-chief” of Drummer, and that
             was from June 1975 to December 31, 1979: Jeanne Barney (1-11 + hybrid
             issues, 11 and 12 ), and Jack Fritscher (19-30 + hybrid issues, 16, 17, 18, 31,
             32, and 33).
                Lists, timelines, and bylines need not be complicated affairs. My
             “Eyewitness Drummer Bibliography” of my own writing and photography
             is a simple list verified in the pages of Drummer. However, deciphering pen
             names and making correct attribution of authorship can pose literary and
             legal copyright problems. That ambiguity can also lead to speculation and
             revision of leather history. For instance, Drummer 85 (June 1985), the Tenth
             Anniversary Issue, pages 102-108, published Steven Saylor’s “Drummer
             Fiction/Fetish Index” which listed writing by “Denny Sargent,” but for some
             reason did not identify that I was “Denny Sargent.”
                As a best-selling writer of detective novels set in ancient Rome, Saylor
             might have found a clue in my special issue, Son of Drummer (September
             1978), where I published an excerpt from my novel Leather Blues under its
             original title, “I Am Curious (Leather): The Adventures of Denny Sargent.”
             Strangely enough, Saylor himself had reviewed Leather Blues, whose main
             character is named “Denny Sargent,” in Drummer 81, four issues before
             his “Index” was published. The opening line is: “Denny Sargent, eighteen,
             kicked his sheets to the floor.” Understandably, Saylor also missed my fre-
             quent use of the pen name “David Hurles,” a real name used with permission
             from my longtime friend David Hurles who understood that Embry was
             fuming that my byline appeared on too many articles and stories. As “David
             Hurles,” I wrote “End Product: The First Taboo,” Drummer 22 (May 1978),
             and “High Performance, Or, Sex without a Net,” Drummer 26 (January
             1979), as well as my one-act play “with David Hurles,” Corporal in Charge

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