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Jack Fritscher               Chapter                           i

             “Drummer was a map of leather culture, and Fritscher and his books are
             unabashed and uninhibited tour guides.” —Chuck Renslow, founder,
             Leather Archives & Museum and International Mr. Leather (IML)

             “I invite you all to join us in this extraordinary walk down memory
             lane.” —Jeanne Barney, First and Founding LA Editor-in-Chief of

             “What rollicking reopen old friendships and even some ancient
             hostilities of that golden age. To be a bystander to those vibrant talents
             and hear again those voices.... Can you imagine the pleasure in being able
             to put one’s arms around some of those people, just like you maybe should
             have done back then when they were still around and available?”
             —John Embry, founding publisher of Drummer

             “Those concerned with the preservation of GLBT history are very fortu-
             nate that Fritscher has such a remarkable memory for the people, places,
             and pivotal events he has witnessed. His long association with Drummer
             in San Francisco placed him at the center of the revolution.”
             —Catherine Johnson-Roehr, The Kinsey Institute

             “There is no written account of Old Guard leather. Fritscher’s detailing of
             the Drummer Boom is unparalleled and we need it.”
             —Dave Rhodes, publisher, The Leather Journal

             “Fritscher is about as informed as anyone on the history of erotic writing,
             its importance, and the state of erotic publishing today. According to him,
             religion and nipple clamps were invented for the same reason, namely that
             everyone likes being bottom of the domination pile.”
             —Bruno Bayley, Vice Magazine

             All-around leatherman Jack Fritscher chronicles our leather lifestyle. His
             books on people, places, events, and ideas in our world are accurate, and
             seethe with the fervor of our lives in those bygone days.”
             —Mr. Marcus, Bay Area Reporter

             “Fritscher invented the South of Market prose style and its magazines.”
             —John F. Karr, Bay Area Reporter

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