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284      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            Even as DeBlase, listing his leather-tribe credentials, was trying to enter the
            Drummer Salon, global leather culture had not yet heard of “Fledermaus.”
            Nevertheless, what imp of the perverse in Embry caused him to misspell
            DeBlase’s pseudonym?

               FLENDERMAUS [sic] WRITES.
                   Dear  Sir:  I  have  been  writing  Gay  S&M  fiction  under  the
               pseudonym of Flendermaus [sic] for several years now. Most of
               my work has been published by Larry Townsend in his Treasury
               series. RFM has also published some of my work under the pen
               name, Pipistrelle. I am a charter subscriber to Drummer [Note his
               connecting himself to Drummer’s roots in his goal to become part
               of the Drummer fraternity, the Drummer Salon] and have enjoyed
               seeing the magazine grow. I would like to be included among the
               authors who have their work featured. —Tony, Illinois

            Three years later, DeBlase wrote me a letter from Chicago dated April 20,
            1980, answering my Drummer display ad for “Writer’s Aid” (Drummer 25,
            page 94, and Drummer 26, page 86) through which I counseled emerging
            erotic authors, and auditioned new writing for Drummer.

               GAY  WRITERS!  Sold  any lately?  Pro-writer/editor/agent thor-
               oughly critiques your poetry, fiction, articles, scripts! Erotic or
               straight. Novice writers also welcome. Send self-addressed stamped
               envelope for very reasonable rates and totally professional advice:
               WRITER’S AID, 4436 25  Street, San Francisco CA 94114 [my
               home address at the time].

            Some of my “students,” like DeBlase and John Preston, became famous
            personalities; other writers, still living, I will protect till they’re dead.
               By  Drummer  98, DeBlase, a ball of fire, had bought his way into
            Drummer from Embry, a burnt-out case.

            OF DRUMMER

            Years after that, the health-impaired Davolt strove to spark off the flinty
            Embry his own heritage heat as a leatherman. In Embry, Davolt found his
            Darth Vader: “Luke, I am your father.” The two men might have achieved
            a certain higher nobility if they had spent their last years returning all the

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