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290      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               Davolt was rather elitist underestimating Drummer readers. He asked
            Mark Hemry and me at the Café Flore about what he had written in his

               Do you think references to Wagner and Shakespeare are too high-
               falutin’? Where should I be aiming this manuscript? Ex-Drummer
               readers? Gay history junkies? Should I write a complete, definitive
               history of Drummer from beginning to end, or as primarily a story
               about the end with the earlier stuff as background.

            Besides advising him to drop the unreadable bi-lingual tongue-twisting pun
            in his title, GotterDrummerung, I told him what I told my university writing
            students for years: “Write what you know.”
               After I wrote to Davolt telling him I would meet him for lunch to dis-
            cuss his book, he emailed his set purpose on Wednesday, January 3, 2001,

               Re: Happy New Year Yes Lunch:
                   I have never quite known how to “do” lunch. Eat lunch, yes.
               Drink lunch, occasionally. But “doing lunch” always seems to be
               slightly obscene. Foreplay to a food fight?
                   How about Saturday? Name the place and may I suggest some
               time post-lunch-rush, say 1300?
                   I could hardly think of such a project without you. I will take
               what I can get and impose on you until you wish me into the corn-
               field. Let’s start with the outline and something of a mission plan/
               priority list. With your permission I will send it ahead for your
               perusal.[Instead, he handed his feasibility “Outline” over during
               the lunch.] I would be fascinated to hear how you would approach
               this if you were me.
                   Thanks so much!

               After our lunch, he emailed on January 20, 2001:

                   Thank you for the two books! [Some Dance to Remember and
               Mapplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera]. I am honored that
               you also inscribed them for me. It took UPS a week to actually
               deliver them, but the result was well worth bullying their customer

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