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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 11                       291

                    It was good to sit and talk—in addition to the enlightenment,
                it was a warm and enjoyable conversation. I hope you felt the same
                and we can continue some of the topics some time in the future. I
                hope that you and Mark might be able to stop by the house if time
                permits next trip into the City.
                    It is my goal to have a manuscript ready by May at the latest.
                To accomplish that, I am trying to keep to a schedule of produc-
                ing at least two chapters a week, which would seem to be doable
                wrapped around the job search and other projects. Focusing on a
                more personal memoir [as was suggested to him at the table] will
                reduce the range of the required research, but it will make editing
                a little more of a problem.
                    Once again, thank you for the meeting and the books.
                Best Regards,

                In his book, Painfully Obvious, An Irreverent and Unauthorized Manual
             for Leather S/M (2003), Robert Davolt graciously included me in his list of
             writers he thanked for help and encouragement. Mark Hemry and I had
             indeed given him both, but to what avail? Instead of a courtier’s curtsy,
             Davolt might better have returned my photographs and manuscripts from
             the early Drummer as well as those I sent to the editors during the last seven
             years of double Dutch Drummer. It was also painfully obvious that Davolt’s
             book needed proof-reading just to keep up with Google’s search accuracy
             available since 1999. He missed the “S” in Fritscher which, in leather cul-
             ture, no bottom “M” should ever do. From the earliest Drummer issues, the
             “Letters to the Editor” continually complained about Drummer not fact-
             checking, as well as about blunders in proofing, spelling, and punctuation.
             As early as Drummer 6 regarding Drummer 4, a reader wrote: “Your editors
             don’t care.” More like the publishers did not care. Especially after the Titanic
             earthquake, October 17, 1989.

                                   Three Drummer Crises:
                            Slave Auction Arrest (1976), HIV (1982),
                               Loma Prieta Earthquake (1989)

                    The  Loma Prieta earthquake  did to  1980s  Drummer  in the
                1990s what AIDS did to 1970s Drummer in the 1980s.

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