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292      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               The shaking Drummer building at 285 Shipley Street, its second South
            of Market office, became instantly unsafe. Publisher DeBlase heard the
            news  while  touring  Europe,  panicked,  and  flew  home  from  Heathrow.
            Editor Joseph Bean soldiered on. What last vestiges of the unbridled lust and
            personal sex joys of 1970s Drummer had not been destroyed by AIDS were
            finished by the earthquake. Once again, as in its desperate 1977 move from
            LA to San Francisco, Drummer needed to be reinvented to fit the times.
            So, in search of safer sex that we could promote as the hot new normal in
            S&M, I convinced Deblase—post-earthquake—to send me to Missouri on
            an undercover assignment at Chip Weichelt’s Training Center Academy to
            report back about sex-free, man-to-man physical discipline adventures with
            five straight cops and Marines in the Drummer cover story, “The Academy:
            Incarceration for Pleasure,” Drummer 145 (December 1990).
               Chip Weichelt posted his Academy advertisement offering authentic
            reality in dozens of Drummer issues that mostly offered only fantasy. It was
            the dawn of a new kind of S&M at Drummer when a man offered a toll-free
            number that could change fantasy into reality. Weichelt turned the magi-
            cal thinking of masturbators into an authentic experience that was sex-free,
            but—in every other S&M fetish way—erotic. This new authenticity did not
            survive Deblase’s sale to the Dutch who preferred to publish free pictures
            from slick sex videos ground out at corporate video companies that had not
            the personal soul of early Drummer film favorites directed by actual leather-
            men: Fred Halsted’s Sextool, Roger Earl’s Born to Raise Hell, and the Gage
            Brothers Kansas City Trucking Co.

                                    THE ACADEMY

               The Academy, a full-time staffed prison facility, continues to
               offer men with a serious interest a unique alternative service. The
               Academy can design and implement each detail of your experience
               in various environments and scenarios for weekend or week-long
               sessions. Special situations such as public arrest, hostage, and other
               complex programs are executed in realistic correctional or military
               atmosphere. Cell confinement, immobilization, isolation, inter-
               rogation, sensory control and endurance situations are all offered
               in safe, sane, discreet, and monitored environment. All Academy
               programs are administered by professionally trained military, cor-
               rections and law personnel. A brochure or videotape is now avail-
               able. Reservation and deposit require (deposit and/or video may be
               charged by credit card). References provided after commitment.

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